4 key inputs
18 critical blood values

DBC has developed and refined a complex, multi-level algorithm which is integrated into our proprietary 'PK Software.' The algorithm utilizes 4 key inputs - bodily temperature, partial pressures of certain gases on the skin, and total hemoglobin - to calculate 18 critical blood values, only one of which is Glucose for diabetics. DBC's software produces key blood values within minutes, and monitors that data on a computer screen, in real-time, allowing doctors to make on-the-spot, life-saving decisions. 

Due to our sophisticated algorithm, a total of 18 blood values can currently be measured, with more to come.


18 critical blood values

  • PO2 / kPa / - partial pressure of oxygen
  • PCO2 / kPa / - partial pressure of carbon dioxide
  • delta pH – Bohr´s shift
  • delta pH2 Haldane's shift in Haldane´s effect
  • HSO2 / % / - saturation of oxygen
  • pH / blood / - pH bicarbonate buffer
  • pH of hemoglobin buffer
  • aHCO3 – actual bicarbonate
  • sHCO3 – standard bicarbonate
  • tCO2 – total carbon dioxide
  • BE – base excess between acid base and ion base
  • x-hydration – function of ion ratio
  • K+ - physiological extend of potassium
  • Mg++ - level of magnesium / converted into ions /
  • Ca++ - level of calcium / converted into ions /
  • Cl- - chloride
  • Na+ - sodium
  • urea
  • glucose 
  • osmolality

DBC Background

  • DBC is the sole owner and holds exclusive rights to the worldwide patent and intellectual property.
  • PK software is an algorithm gathering information from a patient’s skin and can calculate a total of 18 blood values.
  • DBC represents the leading edge in non-invasive methods to create a blood panel without a single drop of a patient’s blood.
  • The product is designed to reduce biological waste, expedite patient tests, and reduce hazardous encounters.
  • The primary focus of DBC will be on clinical applications. Secondarily, DBC will be applied to medical research applications.
  • Our algorithm has been under development for the last 15 years.
  • DBC has achieved European SIDC approval.


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