Michael W. Fleshman

Strategic and Economic Advisor

Michael’s business experience started earlier than most, he recalls walking door to door in the rain selling STAR magazine at the age of 8 and throughout his youth marketing his services in the neighborhood to wash cars, cut grass, and finding any opportunity to supplement his paper route earnings. He views raising his 3 boys to manhood as a single dad over the last 17 years and being the primary caregiver through his own father’s last years as his most important and fulfilling endeavors.  His competitive spirit found satisfaction with tennis, racquetball, volleyball, and basketball when life and work allowed, but Michael says his knees encouraged him to retire from athletics.  His Bachelor of Science in Business Administration opened doors and his work ethic, desire to always learn more, judgment, intuition, and drive have fueled a career over decades with success in business to business to sales, high volume, full-service corporate restaurant management, consulting sales management for one of the largest and oldest consulting firms in the world and executive management in operations in a $600 million DHS/FEMA contract.   He considers his time being mentored in the business startup by the former national sales manager (Robert DiGiacomo) of a major manufacturer and later as the aid to a major university president (Dr. Eugene P. Trani) as the two greatest learning opportunities and humbling experiences of his career.  Michael summarizes his 8-component business philosophy to be that processes work and an ethical company with a viable product will achieve its goals when it develops good people to plan the work with good business practices and work the plan."